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Feature Articles

Articles are one of my favorite mediums. What's not to like? They're short, thoughtful pieces and you don't have to worry about keeping your characters or locations in order. 

I wrote my first article before I'd even realized it was an article. It was the Grandma Hlavacek piece here. I thought of it mainly as a way to express some feelings about the passing of my grandma. It was meant only for family consumption. 

Then I saw a feature in Florida Today that showcased local authors. All you had to do was submit an article and if they liked it, (or perhaps had absolutely nothing else on hand) they'd publish the article. I submitted the Grandma article and was amazed when it was accepted. The article appeared a week or two later and I was bitten. I submitted several more that were published and though the paper discontinued that feature, I was hooked.

About that same time, I heard of an opportunity to write for a local motorcycle magazine, Coastal Cruizin', published by Stan and Lorraine Blake. While most of my work with them was in the form of Advertorials, I also had a spot for my own thoughts in each edition. Feature articles about motorcycles. Does a writing gig get any sweeter? I think not.

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