nicholas hopkins

The Sunshine Dream Resort

A little background 

Sometime in 2003-ish I had one of those late-morning dreams that are reach-out-and-touch-me vivid, strangely fresh and memorable even hours after the mornings first cup of coffee. The dream that inspired this book was one of those. In it, I visited a mist shrouded, mystical sort of place, where I could do outlandish, extra-human feats. It was a magnetic place, where the people were  pleasantly surprised to see me and though I didn't run into any, I fully expected to meet some of my family and friends on the other side.  I was reluctant to wake from that dream, and when I did, I spent the morning, then the day and then the following week thinking about it, analyizing it, trying to recreate it. I began to imagine what it would be like to visit that world at will, and what it would mean. Eventually the story of Odin Hobbs emerged and The Sunshine Dream Resort was on its way.

The story

When Odin Hobbs had a heart attack, he didn't see lights, or hear choirs, he just died for a few minutes. He got better, but ever since his Near Death Non-experience, he's been having incredibly vivid dreams. He's beginning to wonder if they're more than what they seem. When he and his wife visit the Sunshine Dream Resort, in an effort to patch their irritatingly rocky marriage, he learns the truth about his dreams, and then some.

The resort is run by Miss Ruby Hutchinson, a Jamaican administrator of distinction, who is also rumored to be a powerful Obeah Woman. It's a rumor she neither confirms nor denies. Her second-in-command, Jon Ericson is dealing with more than just his crush on the newest staff member. He's also contending with Vincent Gratiot; a man who takes his job a little too seriously. At any other resort that wouldn't be a problem, but unfortunately for the guests under his care, particularly Odin Hobbs, Vincent Gratiot is the man in charge of their dreams. 

And then there are the other guests and staff members. Odin meets several and while most of them are very nice, or perhaps a little quirky, others - not so much. It's a touching, sometimes humorous story of life, death and that very cool place in between.

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