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Welcome to my little corner of the Interwebs 

Here on these pages I'll be sharing some of my writing projects as well as Musical Recipes I've painstakingly developed to mostly succesful conclusions. In addition you can check out some photo's, both artistic/scenic as well as some Fun Family Pics, and in an effort to join the 90's, I'll be posting Random Thoughts and Dangerously Personal Information in a Haphazardly Maintained Blog. No kidding.

A short tour of the sections

  • Sunshine Dream Resort - My first novel, published in '07.  It's still available as a Kindle book.
  • SAIN - A sneak peak at my second novel, begun immediately after the first was completed. It's still a work in progress. Yes, I know. That's a long time. I've been busy. Get off my back, okay?
  • Articles - Short, feature and advertorial pieces on a variety of subjects, mostly published either in a local newspaper, a corporate newsletter, or from my work with the outstanding Space Coast motorcycle magazine Coastal Cruizin'.
  • Musical Recipes - Bits of culinary creativity that I've put together through trial and error, with only one documented visit to the Emergency Room.  As an Extra Added Ingredient to the recipes, I've also included the music to be played while cooking. There's a perfectly logical explanation. Really.
  • The Blog - That should be pretty self-explanatory. (Did I mention it would be Haphazardly Maintained?)
  • Photos - Around the same time I got bit by mom's Gardening Bug, I got hit by dad's Shutter Bug. Here are some of his pics and some of mine.
  • Cool Sites - A collection of Interweb sites, generally associated with either people I know and trust or just cool stuff that needed to be shared.

Don't hesitate to let me know what you think about any of this, either through email, The Facebook or Twitter. And yes, there's also Instagram and Pinterest. But that's all. Really. So far.

Warning - This site is under serious development and is subject to random disappearing acts. If so, that means I've made a change and I'm in the process of uploading an update. Just give it a sec and it'll be back, better than before. Probably. 

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