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Cool Sites

These sites are those of trusted friends, or in some cases interesting places that are share-worthy. I've visited them all and can vouch for their safety, at least as of the last time I visited them. Not to worry, they're safe.  

Bethany Perry - Health Consultant - She knows her stuff and I can attest to her knowledge and helpfulness. When my lower back was driving me nuts, she recommended some stretches that truly helpd. I use them to this day and show others how to do the same. She rocks.

Welcome Cole - Author extrordinaire, Welcome has published several books, each one a literary treat. He's the sort of writer who makes it look easy, so naturally he pisses me off - but he's good. And also a good friend.

Sharon Rickert Maner Images - Outstanding photography from Sharon Rickert Maner. (Who, by the way, is also an accomplished songwriter/musician/producer. Check out The Studebakers.)

Post Secret - Sometimes funny, sometimes illuminating, other times just a little odd but always interesting. A somewhat voyeuristic look at the secrets we hide.

Crown Weather - This is an outstanding weather site, especially for residents of Florida. In order to get the full forecasts, there is a fee involved. I've chosen to pay it because the hurricane forecasts are exceptionally insightful and accurate.

Snopes - Be aware. Before posting that meme or sharing that story, make sure it's Real News. Snopes can help you do that. Good source.

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