Here at this site, you'll find information about writing projects that are complete, in work, or previously published, in one form or another.

So, take a look, browse the links and if you'd like, drop me an e-mail.

The Sunshine Dream Resort

After four years of writing, re-writing and editing, The Sunshine Dream Resort is now listed on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble!  On Amazon, there are links to both the paperback and hardcover editions. At Barnes and Noble, it's a little easier to find both of them in one place.  Books A Million has a listing for it as well and it's now available locally at The Book XChange in downtown Cocoa Village. In keeping with the latest trends in the reading world, there is also a Kindle and Nook edition of the book on Amazon.  And of course, you can still get copies directly from the author. (That would be me.) Just drop me an e-mail.

Dream Seminars

During the course of researching material for The Sunshine Dream Resort, I couldn't help learning a few things about sleep and dreams. As a result, I've developed a seminar on the subject, called "What Dreams May Be" and have delivered it in Cassadaga, for the Federally Employed Women, the National Management Association and several other local groups. If you're interested in learning about the importance of sleep, and the possible meaning of our dreams at your next club or group meeting, contact me through e-mail or at 321.759.8339.

Inside KSC

A friend and co-worker, Rick Fischer runs a great website for people who, like me, are fascinated by all things associated with the space program. Check it out.

Tropical Weather Information

Looking for accurate, understandable information about tropical weather? Every resident of the Space Coast, is, or should be very concerned with what's happening in the tropics. Rob at CrownWeather is an expert at watching what's going on in the tropics. And get this - he not only watches the weather, he explains it in terms we can all understand. He also offers his best (and generally very accurate) opinion about all of that activity.  Check out his website